Minefields in dating while trying to get pregnant

At what point do you tell the guy you’re dating that you are trying to get pregnant as a solo parent? How will he react? And how do you react to his reaction?? Or, maybe, you just avoid the topic altogether and brush off his inquiries on why you’re always tired and you don’t drink at the bar and your boobs are sore AF thankyouverymuch. Fortunately, there are many ways to approach this minefield of a situation, and I attempt to address a few here based on personal experience.

Ever since I began this adventure last year, something inside of me has awoken. It’s hard to describe this raw, deep feeling, like a thirst that can’t be quenched or a hunger that can’t be satiated. I don’t completely understand it, but I know it’s the desire to share my life with someone, my own child; perhaps this is maternal instinct finally kicking in. Suddenly, I find myself bored with traveling to amazing places because I have no one to share the experience with. And after a year of living out of a suitcase, I’m exhausted and desperately want to lay down roots, have a child, and nest with them for a few years before going out into the world again. Continue reading “Minefields in dating while trying to get pregnant”

Thailand & Cambodia: A coordinated disaster

When I arrived in Thailand, issues related to traveling with a dog and negative pregnancy test results following my efforts in Turkey sent me into a downward spiral of depression and anxiety.  But the lure of inexpensive fertility treatments in Southeast Asia got my attention (see costs at end of post), and I decided to try again this cycle.  After being denied treatment in Turkey, I suspected Thailand also had discriminatory treatment policies, but I was in the country so it didn’t hurt to investigate.  As suspected, Thailand does not treat single women, so any online advice that states otherwise is unaware of a Thai law enacted last summer that bans the import/export of human sperm.  Just to be safe, I called a few clinics to inquire and they cited this law when refusing assistance, although a few sources said SAFE Fertility in Bangkok may be able to help.  (I never called them to confirm.)

After exploring various options and not wanting to repeat my Turkish Tinder fiasco, I decided that I’d start the medical process in Bangkok, order sperm from Denmark, and fly to Cambodia for artificial insemination (where it’s legal to have sperm sent to treat single women).  Coordinating everything took a *huge* amount of work, money, and stress, but I managed.  Overall, I ran into issues with the Denmark sperm bank and the Cambodian clinic which make me reluctant to recommend this approach to anyone, as well as repeat it.  But anyway, here’s how it all went down. Continue reading “Thailand & Cambodia: A coordinated disaster”