Turkey: Trying my hand at Tinder

Like anyone in my situation who wakes up to the fact “it’s now or never,” I arrived in Istanbul on the cusp of my ovulation cycle and decided there was no better time than the present to try to get pregnant. And let me tell you, Turkey is not the best place for someone like me to be, as it’s a majority Muslim society that strongly identifies with the traditional, male-led family model as well as antiquated laws that prohibit fertility clinics from assisting unmarried women. Continue reading “Turkey: Trying my hand at Tinder”

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Where my journey begins

I could feel his eyes on me in the dark. He was propped up awkwardly on his elbows, wife beater stretched across his generous belly. He seemed confused, and I could understand why. What the fuck was I doing? Just an hour ago we were sitting at a bar in downtown Sarajevo, drinking local beer and tapping out a conversation on his phone with Google Translate. Emboldened by four beers but still grasping for words, I asked him to help me with “a favor.” This was my first time involving someone else in my quest to get pregnant, and I struggle with asking for help in general, so my fumbling attempt to explain my situation to him and ask him to sleep with me did not go over well. But, being a man with two heads to think with, he understood what I was asking. He seemed on board, or at least that’s what I interpreted “check, please” to mean. Continue reading “Bosnia & Herzegovina: Where my journey begins”